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Dental Negligence Results In Permanent Loss Of Sensation

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A dentist’s injection left our client with a permanent lack of sensation down one side of her face and resulted in a £5,000 settlement.

Miss C was seen by her Dentist in 2011 and found to have a fracture to her left molar.  A treatment plan for repair was set and a 40 minute appointment was made to facilitate this. 

On the day of the appointment the treating Dentist was running 20 minutes late with his Clinic, as such by the time Miss C was seen there was only 20 minutes left to undertake the planned procedure.   The Dentist began by administering local anaesthetic injection in to the left side of the face.  As he was doing so Miss C experienced sudden onset numbness around the left eye and cheek together with an intense pain in the left side of her face.   Shocked and alarmed she pushed the Dentist’s hand away and declined further treatment. 

She later attended hospital where she was diagnosed as having suffered trigeminal nerve damage.  Whilst over time the pain subsided, Miss C unfortunately did not recover sensation in the left side of her face.  Expert evidence from a Dentist and Maxillofacial Surgeon confirmed this to be permanent and caused by the way in which the anaesthesia was administered.       

A claim was issued against the individual Dentist which led to a settlement being reached in the sum of £5,000.00

Jacqueline White, Medical Negligence Solicitor who handled the case, said:

“My Client in this case was a successful business woman, her desire from the very beginning was to obtain justice for substandard treatment.  Material events left her shaken, in pain and ultimately with permanent left side facial numbness not to mention a fear of going to the Dentist in the future.”    


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