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Extra Queens Jubilee Bank Holiday Tues 5th June 2012

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When is the Queen’s Jubilee?

The extra bank holiday to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee will be on Tuesday 5th June 2012. The entire 4-day holiday weekend will therefore be from Saturday 2nd June to Tuesday 5th June, 2012.

What should employers do to prepare?

But before you bring out the bunting and sort out the street party, will all employees be allowed to take the extra day off work?

Ken Lees, employment law expert at Pearson Hinchliffe Commercial Law, has advice for employers ahead of the day.

“The Working Time Regulations do not give employees an automatic right to take paid leave on a statutory or public bank holiday. And whilst it’s nice to have an extra long weekend and enjoy the feel good factor of a Diamond celebration, entitlement to the extra bank holiday will depend very much on the employment contract,” he said.

  • Where the employment contract lists the specific bank holidays that employees are entitled to, there is no automatic entitlement to the extra day.
  • Where the employment contract states that employees' annual leave is "inclusive of bank holidays" the employee will be required to use a day out of their remaining allowance if they wish to take the extra day off work.
  • Where the employment contract states that an employee is entitled to four weeks' annual leave "plus bank holidays" an employee is entitled to the extra day.

“In the first two cases it will be up to the employer to make a decision about the bank holiday - whether to open for business, or whether to allow the day either paid or unpaid - remembering that a right to take the extra holiday may arise as a matter of custom and practice within the business,” advised Ken.

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