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Pearson Hinchliffe Commercial Law acts in two large-scale redundancy processes

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Pearson Hinchliffe Commercial Law’s Hollinwood-based Employment team has recently acted in two major redundancy programmes in Oldham and Tameside.

Del La Rue Redundancies

The first was acting for 67 employees who were "affected employees" under The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE) and who faced a redundancy situation when they transferred over to printing company De La Rue, the company that produces British banknotes and passports.

Employment solicitor Susan Mayall, who led the project team, said: “Carrying out a redundancy processes can be one of the hardest tasks a manager has to face. There are the personal and emotional implications of letting go of work colleagues but there are also a host of legal issues that need to be handled. We were keen to work with our clients to ensure we provided support and assistance to cushion the blow and help the group to make the transition”.

Going the extra mile

What was unique about our approach in the De La Rue case was that we didn’t want to simply advise on the compromise agreements and send people off with a cheque, we wanted to provide ongoing support. Redundancy is a most stressful and anxious time and given the number of people involved we were finding people had very diverse needs. So we decided to really go the extra mile for this group.”

Susan drafted in the help of Pearson Hinchliffe pensions specialist Simon Taylor and invited several local experts to deliver an afternoon seminar at which the packed audience was given advice on next steps in terms of careers, paying off mortgages, what to do with existing pensions and even the option of starting a business.

Simon Taylor, who gave a presentation on the personal finance options, support and resources available, said: “Once the financial package is finalised, a redundant person is faced with a vast array of decisions, for example, should the mortgage be paid off? Simon explained that this is not always the best choice, although it may appear tempting, and went onto provide information on the other options.”

Tameside Council Cuts

Cash-strapped Tameside Council announced in December 2010 that it as was to make 600 job losses in an attempt to implement massive budget cuts in the region of £35 million.

Pearson Hinchliffe’s Employment team was approached to help advise on a large number of compromise agreements in a short space of time, posts that were required to go in 2011/12.

Susan Mayall, said: “Similar to the seminar created for the ex-De La Rue employees Pearson Hinchliffe staged and informal afternoon seminar for the Tameside Council people. We are learning that providing employees with a more positive exit makes sense to the individuals involved and from a company PR point of view.”

To speak to us about your personnel strategy and managing redundancies, contact an employment team member using the details provided below.

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