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Pearson Hinchliffe Get Together with Local Firms To Help Shaw Gas Blast Victims

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Pearson Hinchliffe are offering free legal advice in the wake of the Shaw gas blast.  A team of solicitors from the Oldham office will be on hand to give advice on housing, insurance queries, injuries and any other legal issues.

Free Advice Centre

The free advice centre will be set up starting on Wednesday July 11th at the Crompton Library, Farrow Street East, Shaw. 

The free legal advice clinics will run from 11am – 2pm, 4pm – 6pm Wednesday 11th and then Thursday 11am – 2pm and Friday 11am – 2pm.

Advice will be available on housing, benefits, insurance, personal injury claims, and other legal issues affecting the residents and businesses of East Crompton.

Residents will be able to chat face to face with the lawyers, get initial advice and have their legal problems identified. 

Michael Pitt, of Pearson Hinchliffe Solicitors who is president of the Oldham Law Association, and who helped pull the team together said:  “What happened in Shaw last week ripped through the heart of the community and everyone wanted to do their bit to help.  The advice centre will be a one stop-shop for residents and will help them with any initial legal questions they may have now the dust has settled.

“Not all the issues residents have will be straightforward, but at least this can be a starting point to getting their lives back on track.

“The community of Shaw has pulled together and if the Oldham Law Association can offer our services to help these people put their lives back together then it’s the least we can do.”

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