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Putting lawyers in touch with the youth of Oldham

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MICHAEL PITT, Employment Partner at Oldham firm Pearson Hinchliffe LLP has taken over as President of Oldham Law Association (OLA) at the end of January 2012.

He wants to use his year in office to encourage a younger generation of lawyers to be involved with their local community and is keen to forge further links with Oldham University and Oldham Sixth Form College. 

“I want the Association to be relevant to the commercial life of the borough and at the same time encourage a younger generation, the legal minds and leaders of the future, to make a stake in Oldham,” said Mike.  “I am very grateful to the efforts last years President John Ainley has made in his term of office and I intend to build on his hard work .”

“At Pearson Hinchliffe we encourage all our young lawyers, mentoring them in their early careers and I hope to get many of them engaged in activities at the Sixth Form College and the University, to put something back into the community in which we all live and work.”

Mike has worked at Pearson Hinchliffe since 1984 and his year as President comes amidst a changing and varied legal landscape.

The Legal Services Act has opened up the UK legal market, allowing non-lawyers to provide legal services for the first time and many smaller firms will find themselves competing against high street giants for the first time, that’s where the so called ‘Tesco Law’ phrase has come from.  

“The OLA has been in existence for over 100 years representing the interests of the solicitors' firms and other lawyers in the Oldham borough and surrounding districts. It has obviously seen changes in those years but 2012 will prove to be the start of the most dramatic change in the way the public seek access to legal services,” he added.

“The high street law firm is accessible and I think the people of Oldham deserve face to face contact with their solicitors, they want friendly professional advice and to have a rapport and trust with the men and women they know from local reputation.”

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