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Senior judge warns divorcing couple against “financial suicide”.

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In a recent divorce case, Mr Justice Holman urged a couple involved in acrimonious financial proceedings to settle their differences, so as to avoid "financial suicide".

The case (Sekhi v Ray [2013] EWHC 2290 (Fam)) involved a 2-year divorce case fought across legal jurisdictions in England, Singapore and India in which the aggressive wrangling between the parties – one a partner in a world-class American law firm, the other a paediatric anaesthetist – had resulted in worldwide legal costs of £430,000.

Limiting legal expenditure

"It certainly looks like a complicated case, with many serious issues to be resolved," says Daniel Prince, Family Law partner at Pearson Solicitors, "but the message is clear, both parties should do their level best, and to be encouraged and supported by their lawyers, to reach an agreement on as many disputed issues as possible, so as to limit the expenditure that both parties incur on legal fees, particularly when times are hard and that money could be put to good use elsewhere.

"In our Family Law team, where all the lawyers are members of Resolution, this is our aim, without it affecting the level or quality of advice given.

“We take a very pragmatic approach, and ensure that our clients can see the bigger overall picture, and that they are always fully aware of the costs implications of any proposed course of action, so that they can see what future impact it may have on their financial position. This also helps clients to budget for their legal fees and to often agree a payment plan with us."

A non-confrontational approach to divorce

Resolution members are committed to resolving disputes in a non-confrontational constructive way designed to preserve people's dignity and to encourage agreements ( 

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