John Pollitt
  • John Pollitt
  • Partner and Medical Negligence Solicitor

John Pollitt

Partner and Medical Negligence Solicitor

John Pollitt has practiced clinical negligence since 1990 and successfully fought and won many complex multi-million pound cases through to smaller, but equally important claims.

He believes strongly that his clients are entitled to fair compensation, but also a proper explanation for adverse medical events. In appropriate cases, compensation will be payable and those clients are entitled to a sense of justice and some reassurance that lessons will be learned.

John Pollitt is a member of the specialist solicitor panel Action Against Medical Accidents (AvMA).

John is also involved in local charity work. He has been a trustee for Tameside MIND for 18 months. Along with other trustees, he is responsible for the governance of the organisation which includes approving policies, overseeing financial activities and providing general support. He is also a panel member for Action Oldham Fund where he reviews applications in order to award charitable funds. During the winter months is actively involved in a local homeless project too.

John has long had a vocation to assert the rights of the individual against the State and big organisations. He is also driven to help improve local health care services (not least because he and his family access them). He believes that by asserting valid clinical negligence claims not only do his clients obtain entitlement to compensation and justice but health care services also improve.

In his spare time, he really enjoys running, having even taken part in several marathons. He attends Springhead Congregational Church where he is a Deacon. He is the weakest link in an otherwise competent rock band called the Receeders and also enjoys playing football and golf.

“I get great satisfaction from providing people with independent reliable explanations for adverse medical outcomes and it is particularly gratifying to bring cases to successful conclusions.”