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Jayne Sibson

Be wary of Covid-19 email scams

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Scandalous though it may sound, cyber-criminals are using the coronavirus crisis to prey on unsuspecting individuals. Security experts have said they have seen an increase in email scams over the last few weeks, as if the world pandemic...

How to stay safe online

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As we venture further into this new digital age, the security of your personal data grows more and more important. That’s why, for this article, we’ve decided to delve into the world of online security. Below you’ll find a series of...

Settlement Reached After a Trip In Town Leads To Injury

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A trip on a paving flag in the town centre led to serious injuries for a client recently and a £7,000 settlement. Our client was walking along King Street, Oldham when she tripped on a raised paving flag suffering injuries to her...