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Settlement Reached After a Trip In Town Leads To Injury

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A trip on a paving flag in the town centre led to serious injuries for a client recently and a £7,000 settlement.

Our client was walking along King Street, Oldham when she tripped on a raised paving flag suffering injuries to her nose, teeth, wrist and knees.

Mrs M suffers from MS and had recently been working with a neuro-physiotherapist in relation to her walking and was coping with only one walking stick.  Whilst pursuing her claim there was some concern as to whether she had suffered an exacerbation of the underlying MS.

She had to be treated by a physio for her wrist injury and a dentist for broken dentures and became worried about going out, so much so that she reverted to a walker for mobility until her confidence came back.

Liability Admitted & Settlement Made

Liability was denied initially on the basis that the town centre is subject to monthly inspections.  Having considered the evidence holes were found in the inspections and following lengthy negotiations liability was admitted and a settlement of £7,000 made.

“Ian listened well and advised me very sensibly on how to proceed.”

If you think you have claim for a fall or trip please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us consider your claim.  Call 0161 785 3500 or email


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