Buying or Leasing new Commercial Property


How we can help you:

Whatever stage you have reached in your business cycle, we can help with the following:

  • Commercial and strategic advice to help you decide on the right premises for your business whether that involves relocating, expanding or downsizing.
  • Financial advice and planning on obtaining finance.
  • Guidance on the benefits and downsides of leasing or buying commercial property
  • Legal advice and assistance with the process of leasing or buying commercial property.
  • Legal advice where the property interests are not in the name of the entity operating the business.
  • Property law issues, for example: break clauses in leases.
  • Buying or leasing a commercial property using a self-invested personal pension (or SIPP) (Click Here to read our 15 key considerations) (To speak to our financial services team about pensions, Click Here.)

Property issues for start-up businesses

Start-up businesses are diverse. Some business owners might be able to cut costs initially and start out in their kitchen; others may already have financial backing and want to move straight into commercial premises.

How can we help?

Call a member of our commercial team who will explain how we can help. The first call is free and there's no obligation on you to instruct us. We'll also give you an honest initial estimate of what work is involved and how much that is likely to cost with a number of options for you to choose from to fit your budget.

To help get you get the most out of that discussion with us, read  our checklist. It lists basic questions that highlight the key issues. We can go into more detail when we talk to you.



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