Legal Services for Property Developers

Property Developers face a raft of legal issues from land acquisition to planning to contract procurement, to site management or site disposal.

How can we help?

Whether you are acquiring a single local plot or working on a large-scale commercial property development, we will work as part of your team to help you achieve your commercial goals. At each stage of the development process, we will share our experience and deliver practical, commercial legal advice from start to finish of your acquisition or project. For example:

If you are acquiring a site, we will:

  • ensure the site earmarked for acquisitions has no title issues which might prevent your planned development (a key objective of any commercial property developer!);
  • provide specialist legal advice on registered and unregistered titles and site assembly work generally. This might include advice on rectification of defective titles; and
  • assist with the negotiation of acquisition contracts, whether you intend a straightforward outright purchase, a purchase conditional upon planning an option or conditional contract (with or without overage or claw back).

After a site acquisition, we can advise on planning agreements and infrastructure arrangements as well as development agreements.

At the other end of the development process, after the project is complete, we can advise on site disposal, whether in whole or in part or by way of individual plots or units; by freehold sale or the granting of leases.

We also work closely with our team of corporate lawyers  if you want to set up a management company, (if advisable).

Property development without site acquisition

Of course, commercial property developers do not always acquire the sites that they develop: we can deal with those situations too and regularly advise on joint ventures (JVs) and alternative structures.


To discuss your plans and find out how we can help you and your business, contact
Karen Piontek on 0161 785 3500 or make an enquiry.


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