Corporate Commercial

Our promise: transparent, flexible, tailored legal fees from the outset.

We aim to add value to your business, rather than just guiding you through the law, by developing an understanding of your business and your goals, whether as a shareholder, director, member, partner or company, providing strategic support to your objectives in the long term and facilitating your goals on time and on budget.

We support our national, regional and local clients, ranging from entrepreneurs to SMEs to PLCs across a wide variety of fast growing and developing companies in all sectors including manufacturing, retail, services, energy, engineering and IT, as they deal with issues such as:

  • Mergers, acquisitions and disposals
  • Joint ventures
  • Partnership and LLP agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Company reconstructions
  • Banking matters, including facility agreements and security
  • Commercial contracts
  • Terms and conditions of sale or supply of goods/ services
  • Intellectual property
  • E-commerce
  • Company secretarial matters, including incorporations


  1. Thinking of borrowing to fund a shares buyback? 
  2. Shareholders' Agreements - what every business person needs to know
  3. Dealing with shareholder or partner disputes
  4. Sale and purchase agreements: be careful what you agree to
  5. So called 'penalty' clauses in commercial contracts 
  6. The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015: legal changes for the attention of company directors


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X Marks the Spot in IP Battle

Trade marks are jealously protected by their owners. A recent case shows how even seemingly uncontroversial trade marks can be found to infringe existing trade marks and proves the need for care in such circumstances. The case involved tyre giants...

Use It or Lose It

Having a trade mark is all well and good, but a recent case should serve as a reminder that failing to use trade marks may lead to them being lost. The case involved a trade mark for a cigarette brand which was registered to a tobacco company in the USA. ...

Do You Know Who Actually Owns the Patents You Depend On?

A great many companies depend on patents for their profitability, and doubts over ownership of intellectual property (IP) rights can put their very survival in jeopardy. This point was illustrated in a case that concerned a number of patents in respect of...

Court Robust in Protection of Motor Giant Trade Mark

Motor giant BMW, challenging a decision over the use of its trade mark with which it disagreed, has won its appeal in the Court of Appeal . The dispute was over the use of BMW trade marks by a small London garage business, Technosport, which repairs and...

Place Name Trade Mark Prevents Confusion

Newspapers periodically contain stories about the restrictions on use of terms that are geographically well known, for example the restriction on the use of the word 'Champagne' to describe sparkling wine. In addition to geographical restrictions, proper...