Debt Recovery Cost - Small Claims

For straightforward claims under £10,000 we are able to offer you assistance through our tailor-made fixed cost Small Claims service. Before taking on your case we will advise you whether your claim qualifies.

Prices – We charge a fixed cost for each step of the proceedings or, alternatively, you can take advantage of one of our packages.



Fixed Costs (all costs plus VAT)


Up to 1 hour interview and general advice



Letter Before Action

£25 / £50


Response to Letter Before Action (Defendant) – including 30 minutes attendance



Drafting Particulars of Claim (Claimant) or Drafting Defence (Defendant)



Filing Directions Questionnaire



Preparing List of Documents (limited documents)



Preparing witness evidence (includes up to 2 hours attendance and drafting of 1 witness statement)


(£200 per additional statement)


Correspondence with opponent / court / yourself (limited to 3 hours)



Attendance advising on evidence and procedure for Trial



Representation at Trial – ½ day hearing


Professional: £850 plus VAT

Includes steps 1 – 7 only

(Note - In this package we will not go on the Court record as acting and all correspondence will be sent to yourself).

Professional Plus: £1,100 plus VAT

Includes steps 1 – 8 only

Ultimate:  £1,750 plus VAT

Includes all steps 1 - 10

* Some claims, although on their financial value would fall into the Small Claims Track, can be complex and require more specialist advice. In this instance we will advise you whether your claim will qualify for our Small Claims Package. For more complex matters or claims over £10,000 in value our charges will be based on an hourly rate.

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