Residential Landlords

We offer specialist advice and assistance for residential Landlords on matters relating to the letting of residential properties including:

  • Drafting Tenancies
  • Advice on Tenancy Deposits under the Housing Act 2004
  • How to get Possession of the property from the Tenant, Trespassers or Squatters
  • Drafting and serving Notices prior to Possession Claims
  • Drafting Court papers and issuing Court claims for possession.
  • Attending Court hearings for Possession or Injunctions
  • Enforcement of Possession orders
  • Removing trespassers and squatters
  • Ground rent problems
  • Cases where the Tenant has abandoned the property
  • Dealing with Complaints and Claims brought by the Tenant against the Landlord
  • Notices of Entry served by the Council
  • Tenants who will not allow the Landlord entry
  • Gas Safety certificates
  • Housing Benefit Recoupments
  • Disputes with Agents

These are the matters we deal with most often but even if your problem is not in the list, please contact Mr Bowen at our Oldham Office to discuss matters further.

Many of the items in this list are dealt with on a standard fee basis.

Latest News

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Landlord Faces Six-Figure Bill for Notice to Quit Error

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When a person takes professional advice and a loss follows, it is normal to look for compensation through the professional's indemnity insurance policy. In order for the professional to be liable, they have to have owed the claimant a duty of care and their...