Agency Court Service

Pearson Solicitors undertake agency work for other solicitor’s firms, be it in the County or Magistrates Courts, care work, private law children or finances, private paying or legally aided.

Courts covered

Our head office is situated in the centre of Oldham, with close proximity to both the local County and Magistrates Courts. We also have offices in Tameside and North Manchester and are also therefore available to undertake agency work in all of the Manchester and Tameside Courts. 

What you can expect

All work is undertaken by qualified solicitors and overseen by a partner. We ensure same day reporting, with a follow-up written report of the events at Court. 

Our Agency Team

We have experienced family and care advocates, with a good mix of partners, solicitors and executives.

We ensure same day reporting, with a follow-up written report of the events at Court.

Competitive rates

We offer extremely competitive rates and can provide a full range of agency services. We are more than happy to discuss your requirements and, if possible, reach agreement ‘up front’ so as to provide certainty for your client. We are happy to work on the fixed family Advocacy Scheme rates where appropriate. 

Contacting us

Please feel free to contact us regarding availability and likely fees.  

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