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Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers is uniquely placed because of our ability to integrate investment, debt, risk and tax advice into a seamless financial strategy. 

Making the right financial decisions is now more important than ever. But this is not easily achieved without the right expert and ongoing advice.

At Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers our main aim is to ensure the money you have works harder for you - to maximise your investments and provide the security and income you require now and in the future.

Whether you are an experienced investor or, as yet, thinking about creating a portfolio, we can guide you to the most appropriate types of investments, taking into account your tax, income and growth requirements.

Our experienced team will help you take advantage of a range of options. Contact us today to book a free initial appointment.

Latest News

Under Financial Pressure? Don't Fall Into Dodgy Lenders' Arms!

Financial pressure can easily lead the unwary into the arms of unscrupulous lenders. One High Court case, in which numerous borrowers found themselves in legal limbo , shows how unwise it is to enter into such transactions without professional advice. A...

Be Careful Who You Trust With Your Finances

Giving someone else power of attorney over your finances can be a useful means of ensuring that your affairs will be properly managed if you lose the capacity to do so yourself. However, one case in which a war veteran's money was plundered by a man he...

Judge Criticises Council and DWP for Usurping Attorney's Powers

When a person is not capable of looking after themselves, the Secretary of State has the power to appoint someone else to do so. A recent court case shows that failing to do so in a balanced way can have adverse consequences and saw a judge condemn the...

Who Owns the Balance on the Joint Account?

Sometimes, what seem to be quite simple questions have to be decided in court. In a recent case, the issue was who owned the money in a joint bank account when one of the account holders died. Simple question or not, it was argued all the way to the Court...

Reliance on Accountant Shows Reasonable Care

If you rely on your accountant's advice regarding a tax issue, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will now regard you as having taken 'reasonable care' to get things right and will not impose a penalty. On 14 February, HMRC issued new guidance relating to the...