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Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers is uniquely placed because of our ability to integrate investment, debt, risk and tax advice into a seamless financial strategy. 

Making the right financial decisions is now more important than ever. But this is not easily achieved without the right expert and ongoing advice.

At Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers our main aim is to ensure the money you have works harder for you - to maximise your investments and provide the security and income you require now and in the future.

Whether you are an experienced investor or, as yet, thinking about creating a portfolio, we can guide you to the most appropriate types of investments, taking into account your tax, income and growth requirements.

Our experienced team will help you take advantage of a range of options. Contact us today to book a free initial appointment.

Latest News

Giving With Warm Hands to Minimise Inheritance Tax - High Court Ruling

The most straightforward means of minimising Inheritance Tax (IHT) payable on your estate is to give away your assets with warm hands when you are still hale and hearty. However, such gifts will bring no tax advantages at all unless they are absolute and...

Tribunal Comes to Aid of Dutiful Son Penalised for Late Payment of Tax

Prioritising prompt payment of your tax bills can be tough, particularly when there are other compelling and unforeseen demands on your limited resources. In a case on point, the First-tier Tribunal (FTT) came to the aid of a man who dipped into his tax...

Tempted By an Exotic Investment Scheme? Is It Too Good to Be True?

It is easy to be tempted by exotic investment schemes that promise spectacular returns. However, as a High Court case strikingly showed , they are often too good to be true and it is always wise to get an independent professional to check them out before...

COVID-19 Crisis Forces Change to UK IHT Payments and Returns Processes

HMRC are scrapping cheques for the payment and repayment of Inheritance Tax (IHT) and temporarily accepting printed signatures on IHT returns, as a result of the coronavirus crisis. The introduction of new ways of processing IHT and returns is to reduce...

Always Take Independent Professional Advice Before Investing Your Money

Fraudulent investment schemes are perennially tempting to the unwary and it really does make sense to take independent professional advice before parting with your money. In one case, the High Court found compelling evidence that hundreds of small investors...