Anaesthetic Compensation

Involving the administration of general or local anaesthetic drugs, doctors who specialise in this area are called anaesthetists. Typically injuries are caused either by over dosage leading to brain damage or death or under dosage leading to awareness during surgery causing serious physical and mental damage.

An Anaesthetics case success story

Mrs B became obese. She was unable to diet successfully and went into hospital for an operation to reduce the size of her stomach. Insufficient general anaesthetic was administered with the result that she was aware during surgery and suffered intense abdominal pain.

Although the surgery was successful she developed post traumatic stress. Legal Aid was granted and an expert in anaesthesia confirmed a negligent failure to give sufficient anaesthetising agents.

A psychiatrist confirmed that Mrs B had suffered a psychiatric injury which left her with intrusive recollections of the events in surgery, flashbacks and nightmares.

Liability was admitted and, after negotiations, settlement was achieved for £85,000

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