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A cataract is a clouding of the lens inside the eye which leads to a decrease in vision. It is most often associated with ageing.

The vast majority of cataracts are treated by phaco emulsification. This is usually performed under local anaesthetic. One or more incision is made into the eye to allow surgical instruments to be introduced. The internal lens is then emulsified with an ultrasonic hand piece and it is then aspirated from the eye. Fluids are then irrigated into the space from which the lens has been taken and a new artificial lens is inserted.

The operation is generally safe and produces excellent results for about 300,000 patients each year in the UK.

Common errors include operating on the wrong eye, failing to recognise pre-operative factors which increase the risk of complications and choice of the wrong artificial lens. When errors are made, it is important to recognise and correct them as soon as possible.

Cataract surgery errors

It is not uncommon for the posterior capsule of the eye to be damaged during the course of the operation, This is not necessarily evidence of substandard care. However, it is important to recognise the problem and treat it inter-operatively if possible because, if the complication is not identified and treated, the artificial lens will often displace.

Pearson Solicitors have successfully won claims arising from insertion of an inappropriate artificial lens and failing inter-operatively to recognise and treat a posterior capsule tear.

Medical Negligence Compensation

If negligent cataract surgery has caused you or a member of your family injury or loss of any kind, our medical negligence solicitors may be able to help you to pursue a claim for compensation.

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