Mistakes made in gynaecology and obstetrics account for over half of all medical negligence claims. So our solicitors have a great deal of experience in this area. The commonest gynaecological claims are for misdiagnosis but there are many other types of claim due to complications resulting from surgery.

We have female staff who will ensure your case is dealt with sensitively.

A Gynaecology case success story

Miss Y was in her early twenties when a cervical smear was shown to have no abnormalities. Soon afterwards cervical cancer was diagnosed and radical treatment was required leading to loss of fertility. Miss Y wondered whether the smear had been correctly reported.

We worked on a No Win No Fee basis and our consulting doctor suspected that the smear report had been negligent. We obtained all the records and medical expert opinion which confirmed that the smear had revealed a cancerous condition which could have been treated conservatively preserving Miss Y’s fertility.

Expert evidence was obtained to deal with the value of the claim and we negotiated settlement for £365,000.

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