Every year in the UK thousands of people suffer from a range of clinical mistakes involving bones, joints and tendons – from missed diagnosis of fractures or poor outcomes following joint replacements to simple cuts that lead to impaired movement and disability. Failure to take care in these circumstances can leave our clients facing pain and suffering for many months, loss of earnings and an affected quality of life. Compensation can be sought for the full effects of any negligence.

An Orthopaedics case success story

Mr X of Rochdale developed infection of the hip after total hip replacement. The infected hip was removed but cement was left behind which caused more infection. This infection caused the implantation of a replacement hip to fail and Mr X needed to have a third operation to cure the problem.

Although he made a good recovery from the third operation he could have expected a better result if all the cement had been removed.

Legal Aid was granted and an expert in hip replacements confirmed that it had been negligent to leave the cement behind. A letter of claim was written to the hospital and liability was denied. Proceedings were commenced in Court and, shortly before trial; settlement for the total sum of £270,000 was achieved.

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