Cases Involving Children & Care Proceedings

Local Authorities may take a decision in relation to a child or children that ultimately leads to Care Proceedings being started in Court and this is where our solicitors can help.

Sometimes if we become involved at an early stage we can support parents to make changes that lead to the Local Authority reducing their involvement with families. 

If Care Proceedings cannot be avoided, we will support parents and family members and put forward their strongest case. These proceedings are complicated and stressful and our team will advise you throughout and explain in simple terms what is happening and what your options are.

A sensitive and compassionate approach is required in cases involving children and our priority at all times is the welfare of the child in each case.

Our care proceeding solicitors have extensive experience of working for parents and family members and representing them in court.

Legal Aid is available for parents and joined parties in care proceedings.

The family team has strong links with other professionals involved in adoption and child care issues which enables us to provide you with a strong support network when dealing with cases of this nature.

We are able to offer advice in the following areas:

  • Adoption
  • Care Proceedings
  • National or International relocation
  • Residence and Contact disputes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Parental Responsibility

Here is a video explaining what the childcare solicitors role is all about: :-


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