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Our solicitors are some of the most experienced and trusted Personal Injury and Accident lawyers in the North West of England - helping ordinary people get the maximum compensation they deserve, to cover: loss of earnings, nursing care, compensation for pain and suffering, travelling expenses or damage to personal possessions.

We are able to provide:

  • No win no fee - If your claim is unsuccessful there is no charge in respect our fees
  • Free first interview to help decide if you have a claim
  • A personal service - a top solicitor to handle your case
  • The department is headed by Mike Talbot
  • Pearson Solicitors has disabled access and convenient parking.

If you are unable to visit our office, we will be pleased to arrange a home visit, and a 24 hour Freephone number is available: 0800 731 1874 or call 0161 785 3500.

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To find out whether you have a personal injury claim, call us today on 0800 731 1874 or 0161 785 3500, we will be happy to give you a free initial interview to see whether we can help you further.

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Latest News

Care Costs - Wales Raises 'Asset Cap'

It is not widely known that the 'cap' on assets above which people in residential care must fund their own care is only £23,250 in England and Northern Ireland. It is even less well known that elsewhere in the UK the cap is set at different levels. In...

Insurer Not Liable Where Driver Unidentifiable

In order to sue someone, they have to be served with a notice of claim unless the service of the notice can be properly dispensed with. Can the notice of claim be properly dispensed with if the person being claimed against is not only unidentified, but...

Care Home State Support Limits Unchanged for Ninth Year

Having enough money to pay for care costs in the final years of life is a major concern for many and, despite promises made by governments in the past about limiting the impact on people, in reality the scale of the problem is such that the potential impact...

Court Decides How Injured Child's Estate Should Be Distributed

It is not uncommon for children born with severe abnormalities or injuries to die in childhood. In a recent case, the Court of Protection was required to decide how to divide the estate of a child who died when the lump-sum compensation settlement for...

Take Care if You Have a Carer

Many people employ carers or cleaners to assist them with daily living. Quite often, such arrangements are informal and can last many years. However, failing to put them on a proper footing can prove to be an expensive mistake. Where an agency is used and...