Types of Compensation Claims

We can help you claim compensation in the following areas:

Accidents at Work – falls, strains, crush and trap injuries, deafness, assaults, poisoning

Holiday Claims - Injuries, Food Poisoning,

Industrial Disease – Asbestosis, Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer

Slips and Trips on the highway, at work, in a shop or supermarket

Falling Objects from within a shopping centre, shop, or from a building

Assaults and Abuse claims through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

Abuse claims against an individual or public body

Defective Products

Road Traffic Accidents, as a driver, motorcyclist, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist, on a bus.

Accidents on trains, trams, in the air or at sea

Latest News

Estate and Dependants Receive Damages for Fatal Crash

When there is a fatal accident involving a person with dependants, a claim for compensation may be able to be made not only by the estate of the deceased person but also by their dependants, whether children or adults. In a recent case , the estate and...

Be Careful What You Post

Although the final result was not financial ruin for the defendant, a recent case illustrates how unwise it is to vent one's spleen on social media. It involved a firm of solicitors that had been involved in the sale of 'off plan' properties in Cyprus. This...

LPA Error Means Court Appearance

It is normally essential when creating a legal document to get the procedures right, and failure to do so can cause unnecessary complications. A recent case dealt with the problem of what happens if a person creates a document that contains an error but...

Motor Insurers Not Liable for £2 Million Fire Damage

The law requires that the driver of any vehicle has a valid insurance policy that covers injury or damage to third parties caused by or arising out of the use of the vehicle on a road or in a public place. The Supreme Court has given authoritative guidance...

Care Costs - Wales Raises 'Asset Cap'

It is not widely known that the 'cap' on assets above which people in residential care must fund their own care is only £23,250 in England and Northern Ireland. It is even less well known that elsewhere in the UK the cap is set at different levels. In...