Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Updates for You and Your Business 

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Notice re Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

We're still open for business - like businesses all over England we are faced with a second lockdown only this time we're set up and ready to work from home, but some staff will also be working from our offices.  All meetings will now be done virtually using the systems preferred by our clients. We worked hard during the first lockdown to prepare our offices for reopening with new screens, signage, social distancing measures put in place and hygiene stations installed along Government guidelines, so in early December we will be able to all moothly transition back into the office. 

All our legal services are available and we continue to handle existing client cases, whilst at the same time taking on new instructions.  .

If you require advice on either an existing case or are seeking advice on a new issue please contact us on 0161 785 3500, email us or make an online enquiry.

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