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Commercial Litigation Solicitors

When running a company the last thing on your mind is a dispute however disagreements within a business are common and they can often impact the performance and cash flow.

If you find your company is caught up with a dispute it is important to seek legal advice from a commercial litigation lawyer that specialises in resolving business disputes.

How our commercial litigation solicitors can help

Our highly experienced Litigation Solicitors can support you through the process and resolve your matter allowing you to focus on running the company.

However challenging and complex the disagreement might be, our aim is to resolve the matter with little disruption to you or your business and that is why clients from across England and Wales choose our litigation lawyers to handle their business disputes.

Our Commercial Litigation Services

At Pearson's we handle a wide range of company disagreements and we have the legal acumen to advise on a variety of issues including:

What do our clients say?

Pearson’s approach to resolving your disputes

Our specialist litigation lawyers will advise you on the most appropriate way to resolve your issue whether that is through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation and arbitration or resolving it through the Courts.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our commercial litigation solicitors can negotiate an out of court settlement on your behalf.  We will advise you fully on all the procedures involved and all the options available to achieve a successful outcome. From the initial consultation, our clients are fully informed of the costs involved to bring a claim or defend a company dispute.

Commercial Dispute Resolution in Court

If court proceedings are necessary we have the experience, expertise and advocacy skills to pursue or defend those proceedings vigorously in the High Court or County Court. The litigation team will advise you on the court process and provide you with the best possible representation in Court.

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Our specialist commercial litigation solicitors based in North Manchester and Oldham advise clients facing disputes across England and Wales.

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