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Care Home Claims Solicitors

If you or a family member are living in a care home, residential care or a nursing home, you would expect a good quality of care, but sometimes that care can fall below expectations.

In most cases care homes are respectful of their residents and treat them with kindness and the best possible care, but when poor medical treatment or care goes wrong it has consequences, with residents suffering serious injuries, long-term health issues or even in the most serious cases death.

You or your relative may be entitled to compensation for care home claims.  There are strict laws surrounding the operating of care homes and according to UK law care home providers must ensure every resident is comfortable, safe and unharmed.

You may have had an accident in a care home, a relative may have been injured in a retirement or nursing home, which may have been caused by neglect, or abuse of care. Our specialist care home claims solicitors are here to help, to provide friendly and above all compassionate legal advice and when necessary get the compensation you deserve.

In addition to negligence claims our team are also specialists in helping families look into care home costs.  Some families are paying for care when they don’t need to and so may be entitled to recover the care home costs.  We can also challenge NHS continuing health care payments on behalf of our clients and their families.

Types of Care Home Claims:

  • Care Home Neglect and Accidents
    • Dehydration and malnutrition through lack of food or water
    • Failure to change soiled clothes or bed sheets
    • Failure to provide wheelchairs or walking frames
    • Falls, slips and trips
    • Giving an incorrect dose of medicine, or even mixing up medication between patients
    • Lack of staff training leading to preventable injury
    • Mistakes when handling residents and not providing adequate aids such as grab rails
    • Poor personal hygiene and a failure to clean or wash residents
    • Pressure and bed sores
    • Unnecessary or excessive force to restrain residents
  • Challenging Care Home Funding

Caring for your relative

The majority of care homes are bright warm and welcoming places and residents form friendships and enjoy their later years.  Even if there are no negligence issues to be aware of it is prudent to get on with some planning and help your relative with a Will, perhaps consider getting them to make a Lasting Power of Attorney, either health and welfare or financial one.  It is always a good idea to chat about inheritance issues and any financial planning necessary and finally in most case there is the question of the family house and a house sale to manage, here our conveyancing and residential property solicitors can help.

At Pearson as we are a multi service law firm we can help with all of these issues, help steer a client through the various stages involved and provide a real holistic service.

How to make a claim against a care home?

Our specialist care home claims solicitors work with our personal injury and medical negligence department to offer the best legal advice for your claim and can discuss funding options for your care home claim.

If you are concerned about any care home issues contact our experienced care home claims solicitors, call 0161 785 3500 or email