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Employment Law Services for Employees

We all have bad days at work from time to time, but when workplace issues deteriorate you may find yourself considering a legal claim against your Employer - this is when we can help you enforce your legal rights.

This is a confusing time for many employees and we are here to give you employment advice during the coronavirus crisis. Our team are all still working and continuing to look after all our clients legal matters and take new instructions, or simply just give advice.

The safety of our clients and staff is important to us, we are not holding face to face meetings at the present time and are following Government guidelines – although our physical office doors are now shut, our virtual offices are open and we are here for all our clients via telephone and email.

(If you are an Employer, you will find information about our employer-focused services here: Commercial Employment Law.)

We advise and provide legal guidance for Employees across England and Wales and we can also represent you at Employment Tribunals.

Employment Law advice at a reasonable cost

We’ll help you understand how strong your case is and work to you get the best possible outcome for;

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Free Online Advice for Employment Law Topics including;

Employment law advice at a reasonable cost

We offer a free initial telephone consultation, followed by an appointment (at a fixed hourly rate). so that costs are always well controlled.

We help control your legal costs by using an efficient case management system, by maintaining excellent communications and by requesting the relevant documents from you well in advance.

In all cases you can expect straightforward information and advice on your rights, an assessment on the relative legal merits of the case and an idea of the likely associated costs and awards.

If you would like to discuss an employment law issue, contact us for an initial consultation and to make an appointment.

To find out more about how we can help you contact our employment law solicitors on 0161 684 6948 or email at