Financial Advice

Protect Your Income

The cornerstone of your financial planning, income protection ensures your family has adequate funds to cope should the unexpected happen.

Redundancy, illness, injury or the death of a wage earner can throw families into financial hardship. But by taking a little time to assess your risks and work out how much income your family would need to cover your debts, pay the mortgage and carry on with a reasonable income in the future, you can build a complete programme of insurance protection.

We can help you pick from a range of products to deal with your areas of concern, whether it is the need to provide your family with an income should you lose your job, or business, or if you were to fall ill or die. In many families both partners contribute to the family income. Where this is the case you can take out a joint or separate policy. Whichever solution you choose we will aim to create a plan to fit your unique circumstances now and in the future.

Our experienced team will help you take advantage of a range of options. Contact us today to book a free initial appointment.