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Child Care

When you need a Child Care solicitor we can be there to advise you and represent your interests at what is often a distressing time. Pearson’s team of specialist Child Care solicitors can help you and your family.

The Local Authority are involved with my Family and I need advice before it goes to Court

When the Local Authority is thinking about taking a case to Court to ask for a Care Order or a Supervision Order they will often invite you to a meeting first to talk about the concerns. This is called the Public Law Outline or PLO process.

You will be sent a letter setting out those concerns and we can help you by attending the meeting with you to guide you and represent your interests.

You can get free Legal Aid.

I need advice on Care Proceedings

If the Local Authority have applied for a Care Order or a Supervision Order in relation to your child and you are a parent or a carer who has Parental Responsibility for the child we have specialist Child Care solicitors can advise you about the options and outcomes and represent you in Court.

If you want to offer to care for a child in your family we can advise you how to put yourself forward and the types of orders that are available. Legal Aid is available to parents and joined parties in care proceedings.

Grandparents have Rights

Grandparents do not have any automatic legal rights. However, if you cannot agree arrangements you can apply to the Court for an Order allowing your grandchild to live with you or spend time with you if the Court gives you permission.

If your Grandchild has been taken into Care the Local Authority may ask you to care for the child instead of the parents. We can advise you about the options. Your blood tie and relationship with the child is important.  Legal Aid might be available in some of these cases and we can advise on this.

Pearson Solicitors are one of the leading teams of specialist Family Law & Child Care solicitors in Oldham, Saddleworth, Tameside and Greater Manchester.

Our approach is caring, but at the same time professional, focused on understanding our clients’ needs and committed to offering the very best affordable legal guidance and support. We realise that clients need someone who can get them through what can be an extremely difficult process and want a solicitor who has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that all issues are resolved as quickly, constructively and cost effectively as possible.

You can be assured that our Family Law  & Child Care team will use its wealth of experience and expertise whilst at all times providing exceptional client care. As a Lexcel accredited firm and specialist quality mark holder with the Legal Aid Agency, we take pride in the outstanding quality of service we offer, in achieving high levels of client satisfaction.

Child Care Solicitors

The team are all experts in different aspects of Child Care Law.

Child Care services provided

  • Pre-Proceedings (PLO)
  • Care Proceedings
  • Special Guardianship Order
  • Childcare Frequently Asked Questions answered

Our Child Care solicitors are specialists. We are happy to answer your questions and explain the different ways we can help.

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