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£27,000 Compensation for Road Traffic Accident

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A client was able to reclaim part of his season ticket when a road traffic accident (RTA) left him unable to attend matches.

The money back towards his ticket was only a small part of a £27,000 compensation award which our Personal Injury solicitors were able to obtain for him when his car was hit by a drunk driver.

The Road Traffic Accident Claim

Our client was driving home from work, when another motorist approached from the opposite direction and attempted to turn right in front of the Claimant’s vehicle causing a collision.

The Defendant

The defendant was found to be negligent in that he:-

  • Collided with the Claimant’s car
  • Drove into the path of the Claimant’s car
  • Drove too fast
  • Failed to keep any or any proper lookout
  • Failed to see the Claimant’s car
  • Failed to heed the presence or approach of the Claimant’s car
  • Attempted to turn right in front of the Claimant’s vehicle
  • Drove whilst his ability to do so was impaired by the amount of alcohol he had consumed
  • Drove without due care and attention
  • Failed to stop, to slow down, or to steer, manage or control his vehicle in such a way so as to avoid the said collision

The Claimant

Our 64 year-old client sustained personal injuries consisting of a fractured sternum and fractures in his spine, one of which resulted in a 10% loss of anterior vertebrae height.

The expert medical opinions we also sought on his behalf identified a specific phobia with regards to driving, for which he independently sought a referral for psychological treatment.

Senior Personal Injury Paralegal, Lisa Anderson, worked with the client on his claim and said that often road traffic injury compensation claims involved a number of financial issues:

“In this case due to the nature of the injures and the effects on our client we claimed special damages for a loss of holiday, painting and decorating, parking costs, fares and also of course care services.”

Client Feedback

“I can’t thank Lisa at Pearson Solicitors enough for her help with my accident claim. I have been dealing with Lisa for over 2 years and she has always been there for advice either at the end of the phone or in person ...”

Mr & Mrs Armstrong - Road Traffic Accident Claim, Oldham

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