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£4,000 compensation after a dispensing error by High Street pharmacy chain

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A Pearson Solicitors client has been awarded £4,000 in damages after the High Street pharmacy chain, Lloyds Pharmacy, gave him the wrong medicine.

The client, who has asked to remain anonymous, sufferers from an acute bowel condition which causes persistent bouts of diarrhoea. He takes a prescription drug Loperamide to counteract the symptoms and prior to a recent holiday collected a prescription from the pharmacist.

During his holiday the client suffered from constant diarrhoea and tiredness which he claimed ruined his holiday.  He then noticed then he had been mistakenly given the antihistamine drug Loratadine by the chemist.

Dispensing mistake

The tablets were selected in error during the dispensing process and this was subsequently not picked up by the pharmacist in the final checking process.

The client came to Pearson Solicitors Medical Negligence Team for advice which investigated his case on his behalf made a claim for compensation against Lloyds Pharmacy. The company admitted a breach of duty of care and made a £4,000 settlement.

‘Medication errors are common’

Commenting on the case, Medical Negligence solicitor Rebecca Aldous said:  “Medication errors are common in general practice, hospitals and pharmacies – including errors in writing prescriptions, dispensing of incorrect medication and prescribing faults due to wrong medical decisions.  Most errors are due to slips in attention that occur during routine prescribing, dispensing or drug administration.”

Miss Aldous added: “I have represented a number of clients who have been given the wrong medication and in many cases this has led to worrying side effects.  We see more and more of these types of cases, it is a worrying trend when you have placed your trust in a professional and in a well know brand.”

Prescribing and Dispensing Error Solicitors

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