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Accident Claims against Failsworth Supermarket

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A trip over uneven matting at the entrance of a leading supermarket led to substantial injuries for our client. The accident claims against Tesco Failsworth lead to a compensation settlement of over £5,000 for our client.

Accident Claims Case

Our client was unable to return to work immediately after the injury and had to have assistance from family members to help with her day to day activities.

She sustained injuries to her cervical spine, right wrist and left knee as a result of tripping over uneven matting situated in the entrance lobby of Tesco supermarket in Failsworth.

Our Personal Injury Solicitors in Failsworth helped her pursue a claim against the insurers of Tesco Failsworth on the basis that they had failed to discharge their common duty of care to her which was in breach of the Occupier’s Liability Act 1957.  The insurers for Tesco’s admitted liability within 2 months of them being notified of the accident claim by our Personal Injury Solicitors.

“In many of the cases we undertake liability is admitted and our clients do not have to undergo stress and worry,” said Lisa Anderson who is a Senior Paralegal in the Personal Injury team.

“However, I would always advise that if someone is injured through no fault of their own they should seek assistance at the time, get evidence of any negligence, if possible photographic and ensure that an accident report is completed which records the correct version of how the accident happened together with the injuries sustained.”

Support and Accident Report

Following the accident our client was assisted by a member of the security staff and a member of the first aid team and the claimant ensured that an accurate accident report was completed.

After visiting her GP she was referred for x-rays.  Due to the severity of her injuries she was unable to attend work as a school catering assistant for a period of one week and thereafter returned on light duties.  Fortunately, she did not sustain a loss of earnings as a result of her absence.

The injuries also affected her ability to conduct her normal recreational activities such as the gym and walking.  She was also unable to carry out heavier domestic chores such as vacuuming, ironing, washing and changing beds and in addition was unable to go shopping or carry heavy shopping bags and required assistance with these chores from family members.

As a result of this accident the Claimant included a claim for the multiple soft tissue injuries from which a full recovery was achieved about 8 months after the accident, together with a claim for expenses consisting of a claim for the care and assistance she received and taxi fares, receiving an all-inclusive award in the sum of £5,710.00.

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