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Claim for a Foot Injury at Work

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When a Test and Trace employee had his foot run over by a car whilst doing a swob at work and sustained injuries to his foot, the Personal Injury department at Pearson Solicitors settled his case for £4,653.

Our client was handing the testing kit to the vehicle occupants when they accidentally drove over his right foot. At the time of the incident, he was wearing steel toe cap boots provided by his employer, but as the day went on, his foot became swollen and sore.

Following the accident, he took painkillers but later attended his local accident and emergency department at Stepping Hill Hospital as he was in considerable pain.  An X-ray ruled out any breakage or fracture.  He was told to rest and was off work for six weeks, returning only due to financial pressures.

Foot Injury at Work

His injuries were to the soft tissues of the foot and caused bruising and swelling; he also continued to have pain for several months following the accident. Due to his injury, he was unable to pursue his hobbies of dancing and walking, and an existing sciatic problem was exacerbated by his periods of inactivity whilst resting and allowing his foot to heal.

What to do if you have an accident at work

“When involved in an accident at work, you must ensure you seek medical help, maybe from a first aider at work initially and then from your GP or local hospital if the injuries are more serious,” advises Personal Injury Lawyer Lisa Anderson.

Lisa also advises keeping logs, timelines and making sure you have a bank of evidence to support any personal injury compensation claim:

  • When you can, report the incident to your supervisor and your work colleagues
  • Keep a diary of your injuries and how your day-to-day living is affected
  • Get photographic evidence if appropriate
  • Ask colleagues if they witnessed the accident
  • Maintain a log of your financial losses and keep receipts where appropriate

How can we help?

At Pearson Solicitors we offer No Win No Fee on personal injury claims and all accident at work claims. For legal advice regarding a workplace injury, contact our personal injury lawyers on 0161 785 3500 or email

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