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Compensation for a Supermarket Slip

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Our client slipped and hurt herself getting out of a lift in a well known superstore, but when the supermarket chain denied any liability throughout the case we fought hard for her and they eventually settled the week before trial paying her £8,500 in compensation.

Personal Injury Claim

The client, a 65 year old lady, suffered injuries to her hip, knee and big toe and had to be taken to the Royal Oldham A&E after she slipped on wet flooring in the superstore. She has had repeated pain since then almost two years after the accident, will possibly need remedial surgery following a previous hip replacement and will have to endure months of physiotherapy.

She had used the lifts in store and on exiting her foot slipped on a spillage of liquid which had not been cleaned up.  There were no appropriate warning signs, barriers or staff members to warn of the slipping hazard.

At the time, she was helped by other customers until staff arrived on the scene and the incident was recorded in an accident report.

The Defendant

The particulars of the claim were that the company had failed to take any reasonable care to see that lawful visitors would be reasonably safe using the premises.  We successfully claimed that the defendant had failed to ensure the spillage of liquid was removed immediately or as soon as practicable. Also there was also a failure in inspection and cleaning of premises and failure to effectively warn that the floor was slippery underfoot.

In the Defendant’s  own ‘Health & Safety Working Safely’ document it states “If it is not possible to deal with a spillage or breakage immediately, ask a colleague to call a cleaner and make sure that the area is made safe and identified by a ‘cleaning in progress’ sign or another member of staff.”….”Never leave a spillage unattended.”

Managing her case, Pearson Solicitors Personal Injury Senior Paralegal, Lisa Anderson, said quite often cases threaten to go to court but the Defendants have a last minute change of tack.

“From a tactical point of view, it is sometimes better to hold your nerve as more often than not a settlement can be achieved outside of a Court hearing even when liability is denied,” she advised.

“Sometimes however this is not the case and in the event of an accident in similar circumstances, it is important to obtain photographic evidence, details of any witnesses and ensure an accurate version of the accident is recorded/reported to a member of staff. In this case my client has endured pain and suffering through no fault of her own and I am pleased we were able to get an out of court settlement for her,” added Lisa.

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