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Compensation For Food Poisoning on Holiday

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The couple said their holiday at the Bodrum Spa Resort in Turkey was a disaster from the start, with no clear food labelling, unhygienic conditions, flies constantly landing on food, birds in the restaurant area and stray cats roaming around the site.  The salad bars and hot food areas were left open to elements, with old meats and salads just topped up and not replaced.

The holiday was booked with a well-known tour operator, but they turned to Pearson Solicitors for advice on their case when the travel company rejected their initial claim.

After only three days holiday, the couple, having only consumed chicken from a BBQ started to feel unwell with projectile vomiting and diarrhoea.  They reported their illness to reception, after a doctor was called both were admitted to the local hospital and treated for Gastroenteritis.

Mr A, who has a nut allergy, added that there was no clear labelling on food and as a result his diet was limited.  As a result of cross contamination he had a reaction and had to use Periton to calm his symptoms.

Initial liability was denied on the basis that all reasonable checks on the resort had been carried out by resort representatives.  Standards are based on what is acceptable in Turkey, not UK standards, although in this case the levels of hygiene fell well below any acceptable level.

Having received the compensation, our client said:  “This only took two hours of our time and Ian dealt with our case with minimal disruption, good focus and experience and I am very pleased with the outcome of my case.”

Commenting on the case, Personal Injury Solicitor, Ian Wolstenhulme, said:

“These claims are testament to the risks holiday makers take when travelling abroad to countries when standards are not up to the UK.  All too often what was meant to be a relaxing enjoyable break turns into a holiday from hell and this can often be the case in all-inclusive resorts when food has to be in constant supply.

“Many people do not realise they can make a claim in cases of these type, they work hard to pay for holidays and deserve compensation when things do not go according to plan.”

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