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Kidney donation leads to complications and £42,000 compensation

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A women who donated a kidney to her husband and went on to have severe post-operative complications received a major compensation award of £42,000 when Pearson Solicitors took up her case.

Mrs A, 68, from Droylsden, Tameside pursued a medical negligence claim against the Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust after a catalogue of errors led to complications including a perforated colon, the development of a hernia, wound infections, severe peritonitis, sepsis, and respiratory and renal failure.

Mrs A accepted that there might have been risks with the initial transplant surgery. It was noted that a diathermy hook used in the operation perforated her colon and the injury went unnoticed at the time of the operation. It was alleged that, whilst perforation was a recognised risk of the procedure, the Trust’s employees were negligent in their care, management, assessment and treatment of Mrs A afterwards. It was argued that the post-operative care and delays in scanning and treatment were in breach of duty of care and that her deteriorating condition should have been noted and actioned sooner.

Mrs A had to stay in hospital for two months after the initial kidney donation surgery took place at Manchester Royal Infirmary, including a prolonged stay on the Intensive Care Unit. Whilst her husband made a fully recovery, Mrs A has been left with debilitating symptoms including severe abdominal scarring, chronic pain, breathlessness, bloating and discomfort. Mrs A also faces surgery in the future to address the resultant hernia.

Specialist Medical Negligence Solicitor said:

“My client was in good health prior to the transplant surgery and she was very pleased when she was assessed as being a suitable donor for her husband. She accepted that there were risks involved with the transplant surgery, but was seriously let down by the medical staff who were responsible for a catalogue of errors in her post-operative management.

"My client should have enjoyed recovery from the procedure within three or four days, but she instead endured months of pain and has been left with problems that will impact the rest of her life. I am pleased that we have recovered compensation that recognises the extent of the negligent medical treatment that she received.”

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