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Have you had your Business Insurance Claim unfairly Rejected?

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As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the lockdown in England and Wales continues, so does the concern for many SMEs' ability to continue to trade and weather the current crisis.

Insurance policies sold before the Coronavirus pandemic stating they would payout when businesses were forced to shut owing to a ‘notifiable disease’ are in dispute. Many SMEs are filing claims with their insurance company and are being told their business interruption policy does not provide cover for the coronavirus pandemic.

Some business interruption policies may have defined and listed the specific diseases applicable. Many policies instead preferred to use a generic definition of notifiable disease. The Coronavirus was only added to the UK Government’s list of notifiable diseases on 5th March 2020

It may be that some insurance companies are caught out due to their wording of their policy with vague or unspecified references to a ‘notifiable disease’. Each claim will be judged depending on the wording of the insurance policy and it is important the policy is carefully scrutinised by solicitors with experience in insurance disputes.

Inevitably a number of insurance companies are rejecting claims in order to avoid sharing the financial burden of the Coronavirus pandemic. This has resulted in SMEs considering taking legal action.

We can help you with a Business Interruption Insurance Policy Claim

“Pubs, bars and restaurants have been empty across England and Wales for more than a month. In these troublesome times the insurance companies should do the right thing and pay out on valid claims to provide vital cash for SMEs to survive.

In the last few weeks we have received an increase in enquiries relating to business interruption insurance claims. Our experienced solicitors are happy to assist. We can offer SMEs advice and assistance when insurance companies have refused to pay out what your claim is worth or given some other reason not to pay .” says Asa Cocker Commercial Litigation Solicitor for Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers.

Experienced Litigators dealing with Insurance Disputes

We have experienced litigators with a demonstrated history of dealing with insurance disputes such as: claims for building damage, loss of and damage to contents or vehicles, health insurance, pet insurance, mortgage protection, and numerous other kinds of policies.

If you are not sure whether your problem might be covered or need further help and advice on insurance disputes,  please contact our Commercial Litigation Team and speak to Asa Cocker on 0161 785 3500 or email

[1] Coronavirus (COVID-19) listed as a notifiable disease

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Written by Asa Cocker


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