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INSIGHT: Christmas, Twixtmas and New Year House Moves

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Moving house in the New Year might be your 2016 resolution, but Christmas, Twixtmas and New Year are popular times to search for new houses.  Last year there were 500,000 visits to online estate agents Rightmove on Christmas Day and 1.3 million on Boxing Day, but by New Year over 2.2 million people were searching to try and find their new home?

Christmas is a time for friends and family and when the majority of people spend the greatest amount of time at home and then realise that it’s either too big, or too small.

lf you're contemplating selling your house you may be thinking "Should I put it on the market before Christmas or wait until 2016?"  Pre Christmas posting will capture those festive browsers testing out their new tablets as well as the ones with time on their hands.

The time between Christmas and New Year, increasingly known as Twixtmas is also a great time to research a good solicitor to help you make a smooth move. There are nine days of holidays from Christmas Eve when a turkey sandwich and a new smartphone, tablet or laptop will encourage browsing for properties.

Check out our download to give you a simple step by step guide to the buying and selling of a property.

Your house will probably also be the most expensive purchase you will ever make in your life, it will be your safe haven, your home to raise your children and enjoy quality time, so make sure you appoint a qualified solicitor to do the job.

As one of Pearson’s property specialists Sarah Major said:  “There are a number of important factors to consider when appointing a conveyancing solicitor to act on your behalf. Be sure you are happy with the person and firm who will be dealing with you and your lender and that you feel they are not only qualified to do the job but that they are committed and can be contacted easily. ”

“In the current climate more and more pressure is being put on conveyancers to ensure that all aspects of your purchase are covered. From search results, to surveys, to mortgage offers, gifted deposits and money laundering and that doesn’t even touch on the actual legal title of the property yet, your conveyancer has to ensure everything is in place. So when shopping around and obtaining quotes I would advise that you don’t just opt with the cheapest quote you receive. ”

“Whilst it is understandable that you would need every penny for your move and to buy nice things for your house, I would say when spending so much on your purchase you should not scrimp on the conveyancing and appoint a professional solicitor to do the job for you.”

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