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Clear the frost to help avoid a Road Traffic Accident

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As the cold weather drops and frost and snow are forecasted this week here’s a timely reminder to be safe on the roads.

Driving in the winter is different to other times of the year – with icy windscreens, adverse weather and longer periods of darkness – sometimes the conditions can be extreme creating different hazards.

Accidents happen all the time but in snowy weather they are more frequent with some drivers underestimating the icy conditions and the consequences of driving too fast.

Lisa Anderson, who specialises in Road Traffic Accident claims advises, “With these frosty mornings,  make sure you clear ice and snow from your windscreens, windows and roof of your car before setting off on your journey.  Plan your journey and always allow extra time.”

She adds words of caution too, “Please note that stopping distances are significantly affected by snow and ice as these can be up to 10 times greater so it’s important to consider that you need to drive without relying on your brakes to stop.”

If you do find yourself involved in an accident though Lisa provides this checklist for you:-

  1. Try to remember to take photographs of any vehicle damage together with the registration numbers of the vehicles involved
  2. The names and address of all parties involved
  3. Date and time details of accident
  4. The exact location of where the accident occurred
  5. Make, Model and Registration number of the third party vehicle
  6. Details of your injuries and any treatment needed
  7. Details of any witnesses

Unfortunately, some accidents involve cars/drivers who have no motor insurance.  If you find this to be the case give Lisa a call as she can advise in these situations.

Contact Lisa by email or call on 0161 785 3500

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