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INSPIRE: Dont Worry Be App-y three great money-saving apps for your smartphone

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Apps have transformed the way you can do almost everything in life, from tracking your fitness regime to ordering a takeaway. For those interested in saving money, there are hundreds of finance-related apps out there, but it’s hard to know which of these will actually help you manage your hard-earned cash and which will just take up space on your smartphone. Have a look below to see three of the savings apps we reckon are actually worth using, all of which won’t cost you a penny to download.

  1. PayFriendz – Available for both iOS and Android phones, PayFriendz makes it easy to send and receive money with people you know. No more having to use the card machine seven times when paying a restaurant bill, telling your friends you’ll nip to the cashpoint later on or arguments over who owes what to whom. The only potential niggle is that you have to transfer funds into your PayFriendz account to send it to others, but after linking your bank card to the app it’s very straightforward.
  2. ATM Hunter – Even in 2016, it’s surprising how tricky it can be to find a cash machine sometimes. ATM Hunter is here to make that desperate search a thing of the past, using geolocation to give you a map of where all your nearest cashpoints are. Even better, it’ll let you know whether the ATM will charge you for a withdrawal, and also lets you filter the results to find cashpoints from your own bank. ATM Hunter can be used on iOS, Android and Blackberry phones, so you may as well download it to make sure you’re never in a cash-only situation without any cash.
  3. Idealo – If you’ve ever made a purchase online or in a shop, only to spot exactly the same item considerably cheaper elsewhere, you’ll know just how frustrating it can be knowing you could have saved even a little bit of money. Idealo helps you avoid doing this, allowing you to either scan a product barcode or simply search for it to find out where you can pick it up for the best price. You’d be surprised just how often you can save yourself a few pounds or more just by heading down the road to a nearby retailer. If you’ve got an iOS or Android phone, you can’t go wrong really.

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