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Exam Success Brings More Experience to Commercial team

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Pearson’s Property Assistant, Alison Brown, has successfully completed year 2 of her exams in the Council for Licenced Conveyancing Course and hopes to soon be a fully qualified Licenced Conveyancer. 

Already she has 10 years experience in the property market and is looking forward to the final year of her studies.  For many of our clients Alison is the first point of contact as she works closely with head of property Karen Piontek and Partner Michael Pitt.

As part of her Contract Law course she learnt the rules relating to acceptance of an offer, acceptance and communication of an offer, rights to reject offers and consideration of a contract amongst other things.  She learnt how to create social, domestic and commercial agreements, learning about exclusion, misrepresentation of a contract, duress and undue influence, illegal contracts and awards for damages of contracts.

Her Land Law studies included a wide raft of topics such as tenures and estates, statutes, registration of titles, legal and equitable rights, creating and extinguishing easements, as well as enforcing, discharging and modifying covenants.

Licensed Conveyancers specialise in the legalities surrounding buying and selling commercial or residential property in England and Wales.

Commenting on her success colleague Karen Piontek said:

Alison is the glue holding our team together and no matter how pressured our job she remains calm and professional relating well to all our clients.  We have been phenomenally busy in both commercial and residential property this year and the training on the job and the hard work Alison has put in have been rewarded with results at the highest level.

We are proud that she has passed year 2 of her qualification towards becoming a Licensed Conveyancer, which has bolstered the property teams’ expertise and overall service we can offer our clients.  Well done!  Bring on the Finals next year.

The life, work study balance is hard to achieve and as Alison admitted it’s sometimes a struggle, but hopefully worth it in the long run.

Working and studying is super hard, plus we have been extremely busy in our department and growing in numbers all the time so it’s a big strain, but I’ve been supported by colleagues along the way to help me progress, but will admit the hours going straight from work to college are hard,” she said.

“We do have a very good client base and I’m glad that at Pearson’s under the platform of supervision I have been able to advise clients, get to know them and help run their files and draft documents and reports, rather than do just general admin work.  We have a lot of nice clients who continually return to instruct us on new jobs all the time and they feel comfortable using someone they know they can get in touch with.”


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