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Has someone served a court claim form document on you?

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Has someone started formal court proceedings against you?  Have you received a claim form document? What action do you need to take?

For a start, don’t just ignore the claim form. It is not going to go away - and ignoring it could make your situation worse!

You have only 14 days to respond from the date of service – after that, the claimant could enter “judgment in default” against you.

Here’s what you need to do

  • Read the claim form carefully. 
  • Check that the claimant has provided the Response Pack or a link to the online Response Pack. If not, access it here. It includes an admission form, the defence form and the acknowledgment of service.
  • Do you admit that the claim is correct? If yes, you should complete the admission form and pay the full amount to the claimant. The form sets out how to do this.
  • Do you admit that you owe some of the money claimed? If yes, you should complete the admission form and pay the amount you believe is due to the claimant. You should also complete the defence in relation to the amount you dispute. The form sets out how to do this.
  • Do you dispute the claim? If yes, complete the defence form.
  • If you need 28 days to respond (rather than 14) from the date of service to prepare your defence, or you wish to contest the court’s jurisdiction, you should complete and return the acknowledgement of service. 

Has judgment been entered against you already?

If you fail to take any of the action listed above, the claimant can enter judgment against you "in default".

If this has already happened, read our checklist on how to deal with County Court Judgments.

Dealing with online money claims

 If you have received or want to deal with a money claim online, click here.

Contact us

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Written by Christopher Burke


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