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Holiday Injury Compensation Claims

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The summer holidays are here but they might be a little different this year.  With traffic light systems and quarantine rules in place we may not all be jetting off to sunnier climes, but if your holiday has been ruined through no fault of your own you can make a claim.

We are not talking here about flight delays and food poisoning from all you can eat buffets, but if your staycation holiday accommodation is substandard and you, a family member or friend has been injured and suffered as a result, you can make a claim.

Holiday Injury Cases

Two recent cases we have done include a boy injured when he slipped on uneven flooring in the rented holiday chalet, the boy tripped and crashed into a glass table sustaining injuries and the family had to cut short the staycation.  In another case we are working on behalf of a client injured on a bus whilst on holiday in Portugal.

If you have had an accident or tripped whilst on holiday and believe someone else was to blame you can claim compensation for your holiday accident, even if it was abroad.

Substandard accommodation that leads to an injury, defective swimming pools, broken furniture that causes an injury and accidents whilst travelling, or on arranged transport, can all lead to holiday compensation claims.

Making a holiday injury Compensation Claim

  • Our cases can be dealt with via email and virtual meetings so no matter where you live our solicitors can help make a claim for you
  • Settlements are quick and easy to make and just a simple call to a solicitor can put your mind at rest
  • Report your injury to the holiday home owners or representative
  • If necessary get medical treatment and retain all documents and receipts in relation to treatments and medications
  • Get photographic evidence of the defect or the scene of an accident – a simple snap on your phone is enough
  • We guarantee No Win No Fee which means that if you lose you will not have to pay the solicitor’s fees
  • We will initially go through what happened with you and give an appraisal of your chances of success
  • We will explain the types of compensation and take into account pain and suffering, your specific losses such as any medical treatment abroad, loss of earnings on return and rehabilitation costs etc.

For more information on how to make a holiday compensation claim see our holiday claims FAQs which cover the majority of questions, our Personal Injury solicitors come across.

Personal Injury Senior Paralegal, Lisa Anderson said:  “You may not always think you have a claim for injuries when you are unfortunate enough to experience an accident on holiday but a quick telephone conversation with a member of our personal injury team can answer all your questions and put your mind at rest with regards to funding by means of a ‘no win – no fee’ agreement.”

For advice on personal injury compensation claims call 0161 785 3500 or email

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