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Inheritance, Living Abroad, Your Will and Estate Post Brexit

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Following the vote to leave, many are left wondering whether the UK’s exit from the EU could have a knock on effect on estates and the succession plans of those with assets abroad.

Currently, EU based estates being left to EU citizens are subject to different rules to those left to people outside the EU. However those plans have been now thrown into doubt by Brexit.

There is speculation that the leave vote will prove a challenge for administrators, executors and attorneys.  With house prices predicted to fall, estates which have paid IHT at the higher rate should look to recover the tax paid at the higher valuation should the property sell at the lower values.

Executors also need to carefully consider their position as they can be liable for losses arising from their mismanagement of the estate. Attorneys and Deputies managing the affairs of patients should also carefully consider their position so as to best protect the patient’s estate.

“Obviously we are entering unchartered water and it is difficult to judge the full impact of ‘Brexit’ until we know more about the UK’s new relationship with the EU, outside of membership” said Private Client Solicitor. “The real consequences can’t be known until the two year leaving process is instigated, so at this point professionals are still only speculating”. 

Over the past few years free movement rules have made retiring abroad easier and, as such, inheriting from abroad is quite often the norm for some of our clients. But this could be precarious as non-EU individuals are not always well regarded by EU tax law.

“Currency fluctuations and concerns around the Referendum decision has made it even more important that English nationals with assets abroad consult professionals, and continue to review their positions regularly, as change is implemented”.

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