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Marking Volunteers Week at Oldham law firm

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Volunteering always plays a key part in our communities so without fundraising events, charities many community activities would probably never happen.

Whilst we have been in lockdown many people have used their time to think of others and this is the week to celebrate their kind heartedness. Many Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers staff volunteer their time in different capacities.

Youth Mentoring at Mahdlo

Lucy Roughley ,who works in the Private Client team at Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers administering Wills, Tax and Probate enquiries,  had started her role as a Volunteer Mentor at Mahdlo in Oldham, earlier this year.  The aim of her mentoring role is to be a positive role model providing advice and support for vulnerable young people.  Whilst Lucy  has been adapting to new ways of working in her day job she has been assigned to the project for a year she has had to adapt her approach to her volunteering role too, due to Covid-19.

She explains,” I‘ve been assigned to a vulnerable 12year old who is in foster care.  We had only just started working together when the coronavirus outbreak began .  I’ve managed to stay in touch with them through weekly phone calls and chats and they contact me whenever they need help or advice too.”

Mahdlo provides a key service for young people in our town of Oldham:  many of them have struggled with lockdown, especially those with a poor home life.  School and Mahdlo were their favourite places to be with friends.  The role that Lucy plays has been an essential part in her mentee’s life whilst the actual building has been closed.

Through Lucy’s perseverance with her assigned mentee she says, “I am happy they are starting to feel better about the situation and our relationship is really strong and positive, despite everything that is happening at the moment! We have really managed to adapt and are still making the most of working together. I am really looking forward to being able to meet up with them again in person for socially-distanced walks, outings etc. once Mahdlo has managed its own risk assessment for this.”

Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers recognising Staff Volunteers

Bridget Batty, Marketing and Communications Manager at  Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers said, “Normally many of our staff would be participating in sporting events at this time of year raising funds for charity but instead some of them have been filling their lockdown time by being Community Responders, shopping for the elderly or using their digital skills to support local churches to provide online service each week and hosting community quizzes on Zoom.

Bridget adds, “Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers staff are never shy of giving up their time to support charity events either.  In fact, we have chosen Maggie’s as our charity of the year and had started working on gardening projects with them before the lockdown and are keen to pick that up again as soon as we can. Also our staff sit on governing boards for various local schools, sit on charity boards such as Mahdlo, Dr Kershaw ‘s Hospice, Maggies and professional bodies too all in their own time.”

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