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Pearson on-going support for Action Oldham

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Our support for Action Oldham is on a bit of a roll at the moment.

As I write, we are just a few pounds away from reaching our £1000 target in our #zipwire challenge. Karen Piontek, Ian Wolstenhulme, Jade Hegarty, Rosie Aldcroft and Marie Pauley are all bravely taking part in the Mayor of Oldham’s zip wire challenge on 14th May - and they reliably inform me that “challenge” is an appropriate description for the event. Photos have been promised and I’m sure some of them will find their way onto our Twitter and Facebook accounts next week.

In addition, we recently handed over a second cheque to Action Oldham for donations raised as a result of our conveyancing initiative. For this, we pledged to donate £1 for every house transaction and £2 for every commercial premises transaction we handled in Oldham from April 2016-17.

It’s great to be supporting a local charity and keeping our efforts local. The money raised will support a range of community activity, from projects assisting disadvantaged young people, to people with learning disabilities through to isolated older people on our doorstep right here in Oldham.

You can learn more about Action Oldham here.

Follow Pearson’s #zipwire challenge

You can follow Karen, Ian, Rosie, Marie and Jade’s progress on the zip wire on Twitter:





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