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Pearson Solicitors are a Dementia Friendly Practice

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Oldham lawyers are joining in the campaign to create a Dementia Friendly Oldham.

Dementia is one the biggest health challenges in the UK with nearly 250,000 people currently living with the condition in the local area.  Dementia can be hugely alienating and is often misunderstood, but by learning more about it the Oldham lawyers hope they can help provide clients with an improved service and understand their specific needs.

Dementia Friendly

“We heard about the local campaign to improve awareness and this is something we really wanted to champion, especially as our solicitors have a lot of contact with elderly clients and their carers,” said Business Development Manager, Suzanne Wright.

“Dementia affects memory, thinking, behaviour and the ability to perform everyday tasks and if we can be more aware of these symptoms in our dealings with people then we can adapt what we do accordingly.”

“From the first contact on the phone or in our reception we will make sure we are Dementia Friendly by recognising the symptoms and needs of our clients, so it’s not only our solicitors who are getting the training, but receptionists, office staff, indeed anyone who may need to give that little bit of extra help and guidance,” added Suzanne

The firm already go some way to being ‘friendly’ with home visits, private and quiet meeting rooms for clients, well lit signs at eye-level, glass doors clearly marked and exit signs made obvious.

A team from Pearson’s had a training session with Sue Neilson of NHS Oldham recently to improve their skills and awareness and have joined other organisations in the Oldham Dementia Action Alliance.

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