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Personal Injury Claim resulted in £17,600 compensation

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Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers Personal Injury Solicitors secured a settlement of £17,600 for an elderly Sheffield lady after sustaining injuries to her chest and shoulder caused by taking a bus journey.

Personal Injury Case

80 year old Mrs Lees and her granddaughter were boarding a Stagecoach Bus together.  Whilst the grand daughter was paying the elderly lady progressed down the bus to find a seat, holding onto a pole for safety.  However, the bus driver set off causing the bus to jolt before Mrs Lees was seated, causing her to fall against the pole causing significant injuries. A claim was made against insurers who admitted liability within the time period allowed for a Road Traffic Accident.

Lisa Anderson, Senior Personal Injury  Paralegal for Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers explains,  “Given the significant injuries sustained medical evidence was obtained from a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon which, following agreement to its contents by Mrs Lees was submitted to the Defendant’s insurers together with a schedule of her losses, which only consisted of care and assistance.

However, it was clear that Mrs Lees’ claim for care assistance was not only for the immediate period following the accident but for the remainder of her life.

Knowing all this Mrs Lees pursued a claim for personal injuries, care and assistance received after the accident and a claim for ongoing care and assistance”

Medical Evidence Obtained for the Personal Injury Claim

Medical evidence was obtained from a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Doyle, who gave a medical report stating that as a result of the accident Mrs Lees sustained a fracture of the medial end of her left clavicle with dislocation of the sternoclavicular joint.

He also noted that the fracture was treated appropriately by means of support but at the time of the examination Mrs Lees complained of ongoing symptomatology, in particular pain in her left shoulder and neck with twinges of severe pain from time to time.

The report took into consideration the fact that Mrs Lees had established osteoporosis for which she had already been receiving treatment, for some time.

Mr Doyle also recognised that Mrs Lees was continuing to receive care and assistance with domestic chores and that her shoulder pain was exacerbated by long walks. Based on his examination and review of Mrs Lees’ medical notes and records the Consultant was of the view that, on the balance of probabilities, Mrs Lees would continue to experience the current level of disability on an ongoing basis which is entirely due to the effects of the accident.

“This elderly lady suffered a very nasty injury.  The bus driver who worked for Stagecoach should have recognised that the lady was frail and elderly and owed her a duty of care to ensure that she was seated before pulling away erratically from the bus stop.

Mrs Lees was very stoic and tried as best she could to carry on as normal despite her injuries and the pain she suffered as a result.

However, she was unaware that she would be able to claim care and assistance as part of her claim which formed a fairly substantial part of the settlement in this particular case.  The claim being made easier to pursue against the party at fault because Mrs Lees kept detailed records of the care she received.  I would always recommend doing this from the outset of any claim,” explains Lisa.


Mrs Lees complimented the way our Personal Injury Solicitors dealt with her case saying,

“My case has handled comprehensively and efficiently; the guidance I received was clear and I also appreciated the human touch from Lisa.”

Personal Injury Solicitors Manchester

Our Personal Injury Solicitors in North Manchester, Oldham and Ashton are some of the most experienced and trusted Accident Injury Solicitors - helping people get the maximum compensation they deserve, to cover: loss of earnings, nursing care, compensation for pain and suffering, travelling expenses or damage to personal possessions.

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