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Professional Oldham Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

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It’s now a year since the formation of the Professional Oldham networking group and over that time it’s been great to see the group go from strength to strength.

The aim throughout has been to introduce some quality networking, some amazing and undiscovered venues across the borough, keep it Oldham based and above all make sure every business person there has enough time and a chance to chat and network in comfort.

With that in mind we would like to welcome businesses to the next event on July 6th, an evening of Pizza and Prosecco at Linda Lewis Kitchens.

Some of the feedback received over the past year has been amazing and every month we have tried to act on the feedback.  One respondee wants more manufacturing based networking, another high tech businesses represented, or more on accountants, so that’s planned for the winter months. 

A lot of people have asked us to run it monthly, but for now we want to maintain our high standards and keep it lively, so we’re sticking to quarterly, but here are just a few of the welcoming comments we’ve had:

“The events have been informative, I’ve learnt about Oldham and it’s all been relevant to my business.”

“Relaxed networking in a lovely venue, making me proud to be part of the business community of Oldham.”

“It’s great to see the numbers increasing at every Professional Oldham event I go to, this is my networking of choice now, great evening, great venue, great presentations, the work done at the Old Town Hall is amazing and it’s good to see it used a venue.”

“Great to have some time to network properly, a good balance with not too many long speeches, well done to all at Professional Oldham for taking the lead.”

Full details of the next event here and we look forward to seeing you all.

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