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Registering Your Property for the 1st Time if Unregistered Title

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We all know that when purchasing a property you want it to be a smooth and stress free experience.

Buying a property which has not been registered with the Land Registry can cause huge headaches and delays in a property transaction. Our experienced and dedicated property team can help you register your property for the first time if the title is unregistered.
Title registration became compulsory in 1996. Where a property has not had a transaction that would trigger a registration such as a mortgage, sale, transfer or assent, it may still be unregistered. This would mean that Proof of Ownership is shown by way of the original Deeds that over time can get lost and damaged or can be incomplete.
Many people tend to store their Title Deeds in a secure place such as a bank’s deed storage or with their Solicitor. It is also common for people to store their Title Deeds at home as they believe this to be a safe and secure place. If there was a fire or flood, however, the Deeds could be damaged or destroyed.
What are the Benefits of Registering Your Property for the First Time with the Land Registry?
Here are some of the many benefits:-
• Disputes relating to ownership can be resolved easily
• Provides additional protection from potential property fraud and adverse possession
• A Registered Title is guaranteed
• Proof of Ownership of land can be obtained quickly from the Land Registry
Voluntary first registration is offered at a reduced fee with the Land Registry, which provides the client with the protection of knowing their name is logged against the property even if the Deeds are lost or destroyed.
Our experienced property team can check if a Title is registered online for anyone who is unsure and offer a first registration service and deed store.
In addition, we would encourage owners and people to check their parents’ properties too. This will assist when they need to sell or they pass away.
For further help on how to register your property for the first time, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced property team on 0161 785 3500 or email

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